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Alan Storey, 'Broken Column' , 1987 - Stainless Steel Pendulum at HSBC Alan Storey, 'Password', 1994.

Art for the Public:  Alan has been given a number of significant commissions overt the years, by industry and the government to provide public art for the citizens of various cities. Above are two in Vancouver. The first piece, to the left, Broken Column, is detailed at the bottom of this page. Essentially mimicking one of the columns in the HSBC Bank Building, except that it is in fact, a pendulum, powered by the air circulation system of the building. The work to the right , Password, is installed in the exhaust outlet for the ventilation system of an underground parking garage. It is a clever word play critical of the role of cars in the city and aspects of urban planning. This amateur video was taken at a time when one of the rotating pivots for the letters required maintenance.

The Broken Column, 1987

Alan Storey, Broken Column, 1987 - Stainless Steel Pendulum at HSBC Alan Storey, SCALE MODEL STUDY forBroken Column, 1987 -
Located in Vancouver, Canada - HSBC Bank commissioned artist Alan Storey to create this uniquely inventive pendulum, mimicking one of the bank's internal columns, and using a small surplus of the building's air circulation system to power it's movements. The video at right is shot from a miniature scale study model of the space. While this is not of the class of sculptures from the artist considered a 'Drawing Machine' - it is still one of his best known and most recognizable public artworks.


North Vancouver Public Library, Charlottes Web, 2008, North Vancouver BC (in progress)
Vancouver General Hospital Energy Plant, Steam Plant, 2007-08, Van B.C. (in completion stage)
Bellvue City Hall, (en)Compass, 2006, Bellevue, Washington.
Killarny Greenway Park, Leaning Towards Frame Draging, 2004, Van B.C.
Environment Canada/Oceans & Fisheries Bldg, Public Service/Private Step, 2004, Vancouver.B.C.
Surrey Arts Centre, Out of Thin Air, 2003, Surrey, B.C.
Rapid Transit 2000, Sapperton Station, Fluid Motion, 2001, New Westminister, B.C.
Concord Pacific Development Corp., Coopers Mews, 2001, Vancouver, B.C.
Concord Pacific Development Corp., Password, 1995, Vancouver, B.C.
Maison Trust Royal Plaza, Canderel Collection, Urban Language, 1992, Montreal, Quebec
Evergreen State College, Slowswing with Panel Discussion,1992, Olympia, Washington
Seattle Arts Commission, Circular Wind Tunnel, 1992 Seattle, Washington
Hongkong Bank of Canada Building, Pendulum, 1987, Vancouver, B.C.
Okanagan College, Time Piece, 1980, Kelowna, B.C.
Sumerland Secondary School, Triad, 1976, Summerland B.C.